Box Van Trailers

Box and van trailers have the distinction of being enclosed units that can be made secure. They come with a wide range of optional extras and accessories that enable these trailers to be refined for load carrying and a whole range of other uses with the addition of windows and doors. Including multi-purpose bespoke units you can get inside and organise!

Our TA range of small GRP Box Van trailers are a high quality build. The fully galvanised chassis, GRP or phenol-coated hardwood ply panels and alloy round corners & trimming give a robust construction. The trailers are priced very competitively and come with a range of features and accessories. All trailers over 750 KG gross capacity are braked by law.
TA Small Box Trailer Range
A stylish, GRP moulded trailer van towable behind the family car and suitable for all trades. Available as an un-braked version with a load capacity of 500 kg and a braked version with a load capacity of 700 kg.
Lider's range of fully EU type approved Box Trailers set standards of build quality at affordable prices. The trailer comes complete with high a standard specification they are perfect workhorses for all types of trades as well as private and hobby users.
Our TA range of large Box Van trailers are built to a high quality with a fully galvanised chassis. All our box van trailers feature an axle and suspension system which has been designed for a stable and safe journey. Such systems are commonly used on commercial vehicles, where performance under load is extremely important.
The TA Large Box Range of Box Van Trailers