Dinghy & Power Boat

A comprehensive range of Dinghy and Power Boat Trailers suitable for crafts upto 26ft or 9m Ribs with a carry capacity upto 2750kg. Please Note: All Power Boat and Dinghy trailers are now EU Type Approved.
On calling our sales team please ensure that you supply the weight, length and hull type of your boat.

The road base is compatible with lauchers to create a combination set up capable of transporting from a to b, and then separating to enable the launcher to be used in the water.
The Multicraft Roadbase Range of Dinghy Trailers
The Multicraft Dinghy Launcher is specifically designed, and as such solely used to run the Dinghy into the shallows for a hassle free launch from beach or slipway.
Trailer range are tried, tested and proven over the years, an Easy Loader Roller trailers designed with your boat in mind.
Roller Trailers
Tried, tested and proven over the years an Easy Loader Bunk trailer designed with your boat in mind.
The Bunk Support Trailers of Power Boat Trailers
The Rapide General Purpose range includes trailers with keel rollers for weight distribution, side support skids for hull support and to stabilise the boat in transit. The option of side support rollers help to make it easier to launch and recover your boat.
The Rapide General Range of Power Boat Trailers
This range of Rapide Trailers is suitable for Craft up to 26ft (7.9 m) or RIBs up to 9m, and up to 2750 kgs carrying capacity. The trailers include swinging cradles each with roller assemblies, to ease launch and recovery.
The Rapide Roller Range of Power Boat Trailers
The budget un-braked power-craft range of trailers is suitable for small powerboats, dories and RIBs. The N range of light duty trailers offers a hightly adaptable afforadable trailer for carrying boats from 2m upwards and up to 600kg

How to measure your boat?

The length of your boat for these trailers is measured from the bow eye to the transom, this is the measurement for a safe and secure fit.

Allow for some over hang (swim platforms etc) Although your boat might be 27ft in length you might only need a trailer with a 25ft capacity.

Boat Trailers